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Department of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood

Sanjeevini-Karnataka State Rural Livelihood Development Organization

Deen Dayal Antyodaya Scheme - National Rural Livelihood Mission



The Ministry of Rural Development of the Government of India has implemented the Swarna Jayanti Gram Swaraj Scheme by redesigning it as the AJEEVIKA, National Rural Livelihood Mission. The state government is successfully implementing the project in 4 talukas through the Sanjeevini-Karnataka State Rural Livelihood Organization. The main objective of the National Rural Livelihood Campaign is to provide profitable wages and employment opportunities to the rural communities through sustainable development and sustainable development through livelihood activities. The campaign aims to create efficient and effective corporate platforms for rural poverty alleviation, while enhancing opportunities for long-term livelihood activities to improve the family income of the rural poor.


  1. Social inclusion (building up their institutions with poor people)
  2. Financial Inclusion (From Self Help Groups - Bank Connections, Financial Literacy and Banking to Non-Banking Activities)
  3. Financial inclusion (comprehensive development of livelihoods and livelihoods of productive organizations such as agriculture and non-agricultural activities.

In this regard, mainly the inter-related thematic areas such as social mobilization, social development, financial inclusion, agriculture and non-agricultural livelihood activities.

In addition, Dean Dayal Upadhyay Rural Skill Plan and Rural Self Employment Training Program will be implemented to enhance skills and knowledge related to livelihood activities of the beneficiaries of the campaign and their family members.

 The National Rural Livelihood Mission aims to organize ward-level federations into village Panchayath level and Taluka-level federations, covering all the rural poor through the formation of self-help groups. The mission is providing community investment fund, revolving fund and community funds to vulnerable groups (elite groups) to eligible self-help groups and village Panchayath level federations.

It enables self-help groups to obtain financing from formal banking institutions and enable them to undertake sustainable livelihood activities. In addition, the mission continues to support members of the self-help groups and their families in accessing technical and auxiliary services to support livelihood activities.

Sanjeevini Karnataka State Rural Livelihood Development Organization for the formation and consolidation of village panchayat level unions. Rural Poverty Alleviation Scheme at each Grama Panchayat level, Action Plans, Establishment of Forest Development Center, Formation of Farmer Producer Groups, Markets including online facility for self-help products. Various activities are being undertaken to facilitate various service amenities through entrepreneurship activities for women empowerment and integration with other departments for sustainable livelihoods.

There are many programs on food nutrition and health hygiene for healthy living of women. Awareness education on protecting women from acts of cruelty has been delivered to every family door under the program violence against women.


Thematic Areas

  1. Social mobilization — the formation and consolidation of corporate institutions.
  2. Social inclusion social development and gender
  3. Financial inclusion
  4. Agricultural livelihood
  5. Value chain development
  6. Non-agricultural livelihood: / Business culture

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