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Institution Building and Capacity Building

Community Institutions such as SHGs, federations at various levels (Ward, Gram Panchayat and Taluk) are democratically formed by the poor and vulnerable women themselves aiming to achieve specific goals to come out of the poverty. One of the focuses of Sanjeevini - KSRLPS is to develop and nurture community cadre, ensuring community participation from the beginning of the project. Sanjeevini – KSRLPS aims to facilitate the community to take the ownership of its institutions (like SHGs and federations). Therefore, establishment of self-governing community institutions owned by the poor is the ultimate goal.

Community Institutions at various levels are:


Self Help Group (SHG): The SHGs are the first tier of the community institution structure. 10-20 women from a village will form one SHG (in case of persons with disability or migrants the group size may be 5 to 20 members).


Ward Level Federation (WLF): The second tier of the structure is being formed at the ward level, called as Ward Level Federation. A minimum of 5 SHGs and a maximum of 20 SHGs are federated to form the WLF.


Gram Panchayat Level Federation (GPLF): The third tier of the structure will be formed at the Gram Panchayat, called as Gram Panchayat Level Federation. It is a federation of all the Ward Level Federations within the Gram Panchayat. Startup fund of up to Rs. 1,50,000/- will be provided to GPLFs to set up their office, meet the initial costs, paying honorarium to the cadre and etc. GPLF will be strengthened so that gradually it should be able to meet its expenses from its own funds.


Cluster Level Federation (CLF): Only in the case wherein required and feasible, a federation of the GPLFs in one hobli /cluster will be federated as a Cluster Level Federation.

Community Cadre under IBCB:


Master Community Resource Person (MCRPs): In a taluk, a pool of 20 CRPs called as Master CRPs will be identified and trained to implement the intensive block strategy. They will be divided into 4 teams with 5 MCRPs each who will begin the institution building process in select Village/Ward in the taluk. Each MCRP team will go through one cycle, which is a period of 14 days, covering 2 wards. The Master CRP team will not be responsible to saturate the Village / Ward / Gram Panchayat or to cover all households. Their role is limited to initiate the social mobilization process by forming federations of existing ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade SHGs.  The process of social mobilization will be handed over to the SHG members once the federations have been formed and have become operational.


Local Community Resource Person (LCRPs): LCRPs are SHG members, who have enough experience as members of SHGs and have developed the faith that SHGs are strong tools for empowerment and poverty alleviation. These successful women have emerged as CRPs to replicate the institutional building process with experiential learning and best practices in our area. All the selected LCRPs will be given five days training by Sanjeevini training team. The topics covered will include: Sanjeevini programme, basic SHG concepts, Book keeping, Federation and sub committees, bank linkage, MIP preparation & role of LCRP. The services of the LCRP includes periodic training and grading of existing SHGs, identifying left out families and forming new SHGs, facilitating preparation of MIP, monitoring proper utilization of CIF etc.


Master Book Keeper (MBKs): The Master Book Keeper will be responsible for the financial management (maintenance of books of account, audit of SHGs books of account and preparation of financial reports) related duties of the GPLF. Each GPLF will select one Master Book Keeper.


Sanjeevini KSRLPS will develop capacity of the MBKs through series of training programmes on maintaining or auditing of financial records and different finance related subjects at GP/block/district level.

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